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Superpower: Teleportation

This post is part of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge hosted by WEGO Health. I will be writing a post a day for all 30 days. You can learn more about it here:

Today’s topic:

Superpower Day: If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?

Today’s prompt is about super powers. If I could pick any superpower what would it be? Hmm… well is curing all illnesses a superpower? No? Ok, well, then, maybe flying so I could visit all my friends who live far away? I think that would be an amazing power. I wonder if flying would be as exhausting as walking and driving could be … and some people are so far away … teleporting then. That would be perfect.

One of the things that I have found with the twitterverse is that it’s endlessly frustrating to be so far away from people. The support groups in my area are mainly middle aged women. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I know some of my twitter friends fall into that category, but somehow I just don’t connect with a group like that. We’re in different stages of life and illness. So I rely on my twitter friends, but they are oh so far away! I have friends everywhere from Australia to the UK to the Philippines to Canada and countries in South America and Africa. Which is amazing. Truly it is. I just wish i could meet them sometimes.

An internet “hug” can be very comforting, but there are times when I’d prefer to give a real one. Or, if the pain levels are too high for hugs, I’d love to be able to veg on the sofa with a friend and watch movies. Even if we are both doing that in our respective homes, it just isn’t the same. Moreover, there are times when I know my friends need me, and I have no way of getting there. That kills me.

I am beyond grateful for my twitter friends. I can’t imagine living without their love and support. I just hate that we’re all so spread out across the world. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing that technology lets us connect in real time – and includes things like Skype – gone is the age of long-distance pen pals. At least, in theory. Sometimes the reality feels like we might as well be writing letters for all the chance we have of ever meeting.

Now, all this being said, I would like issue a disclaimer that I love my twitter friends and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Not being able to meet doesn’t detract from the friendship. I just wish that I could pop in and see them whenever I could, that’s all.

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