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i still love you

Dear lovely readers,

I have been getting some “are you still alive?!” letters. Yes, I’m still alive!

My apologies for the sudden disappearance. I have been stressed out with finals, packing to move, and I no longer have working Internet at my apartment.

Breakfast Club will be suspended for awhile due to the fact that one of my original Breakfast Club girls has returned to a scary place in Africa to help provide maternal health care. I will resume writing it when I get past the “omg omg is she ok?!” worry freak out phase.

Much love to you all. Thank you for your concern. It’s nice to know my readers care! (and that I have so many readers)

In the meantime, I AM updating my Twitter: @gradstdntwlupus


(nope not Gossip Girl – but you watch that show a couple of times and almost expect to hear those words after “xoxo” don’t you?)

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