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Whatever Happened to “just the flu”

[Disclaimer: my friends in the public health field would point out that there is no such thing as “just the flu,” and that the next major flu pandemic could happen at any time. Duly noted.]

The flu has been going around my class. Now, most people who caught it were out for a day or two. They hydrated. They slept. They came back renewed and ready to face the world. Meanwhile, I was out sick for a week. And I’m still sick. And all I’ve done is sleep. And sleep. And sleep. My joints have been so swollen this was the first time I managed to so much as type.

I know this post is going to sound like I’m whining, but it I am just so frustrated with (and since I promised honesty – jealous about) how unbelievably ill I am when everyone else quickly recovered. The virus just amplified the flare up symptoms. I made it to school today because I hate missing out but by the end of the day I had to collapse into bed. I didn’t manage to change or get under the covers. And to top it off, my professor tracked me down and asked why I did so badly on the quiz today. I told him that I was out with the flu, and his response was an arched eyebrow followed by, “Ah yes. Quite. I thought that was going around LAST week.”

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