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New Years Resolution for 2012: stay on top of my med and supplements supply.

I’m not a huge fan of resolutions. I think most of them get left by the wayside by the time February rolls around. However, I do have one big one for this year: trying to keep track of which meds and supplements I’ve run out of. Or, rather, keeping track of which ones are running out and making sure I can restock them before they do.

In addition to the list of prescription medications that my rheumatologist prescribes for me, the holistic MD that I see has me on a very long list of supplements. I basically keep track of them by keeping a list of what I need to put in my med case for each med time.

My insurance makes me fill my prescriptions in three month intervals through a mail order service. This means that it takes a good week to receive my meds from the time that I request a refill. Longer if I’ve run out of refills and they have to call my doctor’s office. To get my supplements, I have to go to a store that’s almost a 40min drive away. That’s a long way away for me, an exhausting drive that I have to plan for.

What I have failed to keep track of is when I run out of these meds and supplements. I keep thinking that I’ll deal with it later. Or that I’ll go to the store when I’ve run out of a number of them so I can pick them all up at once. Yesterday, I realized that I’m out of more than 75% of my supplements. Can you say ‘oops’?

What I really need to do is pay attention when the bottle is heading towards empty and get myself to the store/order a refill from the mail order. So that is my goal for this year: to keep track of my meds so that there aren’t any days where I miss my prescription meds because I ran out and haven’t gotten my refill yet – and that there isn’t more than a week that I’m out of any given supplement.

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