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Infusion day essentials

What would you pack for a day at the hospital? I have to go to Into the hospital today for an iron infusion and thought I'd share some of the essentials that I pack for days when I have tests scheduled or need to spend the day at the hospital. They may seem like small things, but they help make these less than enjoyable days slightly more bearable.

1. Comfy clothes. Hospitals are cold so warm layers are essential. I like to wear a cardigan or zip up hoodie to make blood draws and IVs easier.

2. Entertainment. Waiting rooms are boring. So is waiting for an infusion to drip into your veins. Something to read, watch, and/or listen to is essential.

3. Water and snacks. While a hospital will have both of these easily available, I like to pack them so I don't have to worry about looking for something that may be at the other end of the hospital.

What would you pack? Any ideas for what I should watch in the infusion chair today?

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